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Server Products Warranty
(from ship date) advanced   

       replacement warranty for all defective parts *

      * with the exception of special order non-stock    

       components which are to be identified prior to

       your purchase.


Service Handling

       advanced replacement with prepaid return label!

       no return shipping cost to you!

       * advanced replacement for new customer requires VISA/MC/AmEx/Paypal deposit which will be refunded promptly upon receipt of your returns

       * all advanced replacements are by UPS ground; next-day/2nd-day services are available at additional charge


Manufacturers' Warranties
       all major parts are also covered by

       manufactures' warranties (from manuf. date)






Supermicro/Tyan/Intel: 3-year

Asus/Gigabyte/Asrock/Foxconn: 1-year


power supply

Supermicro: 2-year


RAID/SCSI controllers

3ware/Adaptec/Areca: 3-year


RAM modules

Kingston/Crucial/Corsair/Wintec/SuperTalent: life-Time


hard drives

Seagate SAS: 5-year        Intel SSD products: 3-year

WD Caviar/Scorpio: 3-year   WD RAID Edition: 5-year


phone support:

     770-9082522  10a~7p EST, M-F

      (for pre-sale inquires & quote requests,

      please send emails!)  


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quality components:

     we use only these quality components



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